Google Cloud Integration

VM Scaler integrates with your Google Cloud Platform account using Service Accounts. Follow the below steps to integrate GCP.

  1. Navigate to the Google Cloud credentials page for the Google Cloud project where you would like to setup the VM Scaler integration.
  2. Click Create credentials and then select Service account key.
  3. In the *Service account_ dropdown, select New service account.
  4. Input a name for the service account.
  5. For Role, select a Role that grants permissions based on the services VM Scaler will be using. See Permissions for Services for a breakdown of the necessary permissions. Depending on the GCP services you require, you may need to create a new Role.
  6. Select JSON as the key type, and click Create. Take note where this file is saved, as it is needed to complete the integration.
  7. Navigate to the VM Scaler Integrations tab.
  8. Click Add Integration
  9. Input a unique name for your integration.
  10. For Source, select GCP.
  11. Select Choose File and pick the JSON key downloaded earlier.
  12. Click Create.

Permissions for Services

Stackdriver Monitor


Managed Instance Group