Business Factors

In order to make cloud resource decisions based on more than VM cost, inputting other factors that are important to your business is a key step. These factors could be anything from service level agreements, customer satisfaction measures, or financial impacts.

Creating a Factor

A factor states how your metrics relate to business value. You can think of a factor as a function of metrics yielding business value. A workload can have as many factors as needed. A factor has the following inputs.

Factor Name

A unique name that will allow you to track the factor.


A formula that describes the value as a function of your workload metrics.

The formulas are written in the familiar Excel formula syntax. The syntax is identical with the exception of cell references replaced with Metric names. For example, say we have 3 metrics attached to our workload: A, B, C. We can create a formula that add these metrics together:

A + B + C

Another way of writing the same formula as above would be to use the Excel SUM function:

SUM(A, B, C)