Azure Integration

VM Scaler integrates with your Azure account using a App registration. Follow the below steps to integrate Azure.

  1. Navigate to VM Scaler Integrations and click Add Integration.
  2. Input an Integration Name (i.e. Azure). From Source, select Azure.
  3. Navigate to the Azure Active Directory
  4. Open the App registrations tab and click New registration.
  5. Enter a Name for the application (i.e. VM Scaler Integration). Select Accounts in this organizational directory only. Leave Redirect URI empty.
  6. On the newly created Application page, copy the Application (client) ID and the Directory (tenant) ID and paste them into the VM Scaler New Integration popup.
  7. Open the Certificates & secrets page on the Application page and click New client secret.
  8. Input a short description for this secret (i.e. Provide VM Scaler programmatic access). For Expires, select Never.
  9. Copy the newly created Client secret and paste it in the VM Scaler application.
  10. Navigate to Subscriptions and click on the subscription you would like to integrate VM Scaler with.
  11. Select Access control (IAM) then Add > Add role assignment. For Role, select the role that provides access to the services you will be using. See below for a detailed breakdown. Under Select, choose the name of the Application registration you created before.
  12. Click Save.
  13. Navigate back to the VM Scaler application and click Create.

Permissions for Services

Azure Monitor


Azure Scale Set